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Our cancellation policy requires that you give at least 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, otherwise you will be charged a full fee for the session.

Our therapists and other self-employed professionals do not receive a salary and are only paid per session, so a cancellation without enough time to fill that spot means they lose a significant portion of their income for the day. Consequently, they simply cannot afford to have this happen on a regular basis. 

If a crisis arises in your life, we will waive the fee.

A crisis is defined as a medical emergency, death, or natural disaster.

Counselling is a commitment, and we strongly advise you to have any coordinating or backup plans to help align with your counseling journeys. Choose days to book your appointment that you are able to fully be immersed in the session, days without distractions, days without work. Plan transportation and have a backup for childcare. Have a weekly time/day to plan for counseling sessions. 

Sickness will no longer be an option for a waived fee, we must be informed exactly 48 hours.  


We hope this makes our new cancellation policy clear and we thank you for your understanding. 


For any further information please contact our billing department


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