Happy Children


Serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Milton, London, Oakville, and the surrounding areas, Anchoridge Counselling specializes in working with children with an array of difficulties.

Let’s face it, life can be really tough sometimes, especially for children over the past few years. They have been faced with additional amounts of uncertainty, challenges, and obstacles which can be difficult to deal with.


At Anchoridge, we love to help children work through all the hardships and storms that come their way, and help them find ways to be supported, encouraged, and to persevere. And a large part of this resiliency that we foster within our young clients, has to do with helping them express their story through any means that empowers them. Child Therapy at Anchoridge involves an integrative approach drawing from both art and play therapy to help your child explore, play and get creative while working through deeper issues.


Anchoridge is proud to work to address a large variety of issues facing children such as, trauma; depression; disruptive behaviours; anxiety and OCD. Additionally, our clinicians are skilled at helping clients navigate the complexities that arise when dealing with ADD/ADHD and ODD while offering additional support in the form of parent consultations and family counselling.


Here are links to a couple of our clinicians who specialize in this area of counselling.

Our goal is to connect you with the right mental health professional who will strive to empower you to reach a breakthrough within six to eight sessions. At Anchoridge, we know the value of giving compassionate, qualified counsellors the chance to work with the population they know best.