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Play and Art therapy look at how stories and ideas can be expressed in a visual and creative way. And oftentimes this goes hand-in-hand with using metaphors or symbols to represent an individual's thoughts and feelings. By using the power of imagery and creativity Anchoridge can help individuals to reflect and observe aspects that they had not considered, or even explore alternative versions of a story that they have been telling themselves. Both Art and Play therapy allow for creative expression which helps clients to develop alternative ways to learn how to self-regulate and make them a common therapeutic modality when working with children.



Play therapy is a common modality used to help children express and process their thoughts and feelings through a means that comes naturally to them, playing. Engaging in therapeutic play allows children to tell their stories in a manner that empowers them and fosters resiliency. Play therapy is often used as an alternative to 'talk therapy' because it opens up different opportunities for communication, especially for children who can find it difficult to articulate how they are feeling. In Play Therapy children may use a variety of different tools, such as toys and boardgames, to help them express themselves and create an invaluable bond between them and their therapist.



Art Therapy is a combination of psychotherapy and creative processing that is not dissimilar to play therapy in the sense that it provides an alternative means for clients to express themselves. In Art Therapy clients are encouraged to use a variety of different elements, such as painting or drawing, to tell their stories and communicate ideas that may be hard to verbalize. Art Therapy is not just for children, it can be used with a wide array of different clients who are looking for alternative means of expressing themselves.

Play Therapy

Art Therapy


Here are a few of our clinicians who specialize in play and art therapy.