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At Anchoridge Counselling Services, we specialize in supporting businesses in nurturing a culture of wellbeing and resilience. Our expert counsellors offer a range of services designed to enhance mental health and interpersonal dynamics within corporate environments. From addressing compassion fatigue to refining communication strategies, we are committed to equipping teams with the tools they need to thrive.


Mental health in the workplace is critical both for your employees wellbeing and for the health of your business.

Benefits of improved employee mental wellness:

  • increased productivity

  • less interpersonal issues, more team cohesiveness

  • less sick days and absenteeism

  • reduced employee turnover

Our experienced clinicians are happy to provide your team with engaging and inspiring lunch 'n learn seminars on a variety of mental wellness topics including:

  • compassion fatigue

  • communication in the workplace

  • workplace relationship boundaries

  • burnout and setting boundaries

  • ADHD 

Contact us for pricing inquiry

If you're interested in having one of our experienced clinicians speak at your company or event, please reach out to our team to inquiring about availability and rates:

We look forward to connecting with you! 

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