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Female therapist - Clinical Director of Anchoridge Counselling that offers therapy in Oakville, Ontario

It all began with life experiences that built a dream to help people - now servicing Kitchener-Waterloo, Milton, Oakville, London, and the surrounding areas.

Welcome to Anchoridge Counselling Services. I am Natasha Lavji, the founder and clinical director. For the last eight years I have been working with various populations providing mental health support, including outpatient and community settings, with my focus being on teens, their family struggles, learning disabilities and gender identity. More recently, I have shifted my focus to supporting individuals pursuing entrepreneurship opportunities and growing Anchoridge into a counselling service that is focused on uplifting the communities that it is a part of.


The inspiration behind Anchoridge is simple – for people to feel anchored with support. The importance of feeling supported was highlighted for me when I unexpectedly discovered that I was immunocompromised many years ago. Experiencing such a difficult challenge in my own life allowed me to reflect on how important having strong support systems is and motivated me to create a place where other individuals could find comfort during difficult periods of their lives. 


In 2018, Anchoridge began as a small clinic, and over the years we have grown into an incredible team of over twenty diverse individuals, including students, administration and a psychologist. Every member of this team has been chosen because of their expertise, passion and genuine care for people and their mental health.


Anchoridge’s mission is to uplift and empower the communities that we are a part of and provide our clients with the support and commitment that they deserve to help them achieve their goals. It is my sincere hope we can anchor and support you on your journey to positive mental health, wellness and resilience. 

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