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Serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Milton, London, Oakville, and the surrounding areas, Anchoridge Counselling offers a supportive and non-judgemental environment where couples can feel comfortable.

Although every relationship goes through ups and downs, admitting that our own relationship is imperfect can be difficult to do. Whether you are dating, engaged, common-law or married, at times, all couples experience some struggles in their relationship.

Why do couples seek counselling?

Ocean shoreline with writing in front of it about Couples Counselling or Marriage Counselling in Waterloo Ontario.

broken trust

frequent conflict

poor or lack of communication

feeling 'stuck'

wanting to increase intimacy

sexual issues

difficulty with parenting


issues from the past

or maybe just a feeling that something isn't right

Modern relationships are complex. Partners have never expected more from one another. Roles are no longer scripted, and must be discussed and negotiated. Today, partners expect each other to offer what an entire community used to. Each person wants to be a provider, companion, confidant, protector, financial planners, household project manager and passionate lover.

Additionally, the current global context – with higher cost of living, longer work hours and commutes, contract jobs and resulting work-life imbalance – heavily impacts our relationships. The dominant mainstream culture, which determines our worth in terms of income, race, credentials and the extent to which we produce and consume, profoundly erodes self-esteem. Time for enjoying life, either alone or together, gets harder to come by. It seems we can never quite have or be enough.

How can couples therapy help?

Without intervention these negative patterns or situations can escalate, leading partners to avoidance, disagreement, constant arguments or other types of conflict. Learning to communicate better, trust more, let go of resentments, or control our emotions can be worth the effort it takes to better our relationships – because none of us are perfect. When two people are experiencing distress or have relationship issues they need to confront, knowing when to ask for help may be the thing that helps save the relationship or improve it.


A therapist can offer a supportive and non-judgemental environment in which couples can feel comfortable to talk and truly be heard. We can help you identify patterns of ineffective communication, better help you learn how to speak each other's 'love language', provide support as you work through unresolved issues, help you rediscover that spark you once had, or move towards a place of lasting companionship.

At Anchoridge Counselling, we view the premise of couple’s therapy as coming together to create a path to healing. Our therapists are trained to meet every couple’s unique relationship needs and situations. We create a conducive environment for both partners to reveal their feelings and needs about the past and present events. The therapist facilitates the dialogue between the couple and guides the partners to look at the feelings beneath the negative patterns. When each individual is committed to doing the work, being open about the ways the relationship has been hurtful, there’s room for tremendous growth.

A variety of approaches are used for addressing couples, including:
Emotion-Focused Therapy
Gottman Method
Narrative Therapy
Solution Focussed Therapy
Reflective Listening

Our therapists will work with any issues that are a concern to the couple. You can expect to improve the way you communicate, increase your emotional connection, trust and intimacy in your relationship. Find a healthy path forward, explore effective ways to resolve ongoing conflicts, rebuild trust and reestablish a meaningful connection. This can strengthen the foundation of your relationship and build a better future for yourselves and your family.

No matter the nature of your relationship, or reason for wanting to schedule a couples session, the first step is to book an appointment. Some couples may find it beneficial to meet with a therapist individually before coming together.

Here are links to a few of our clinicians who specialize in Couples and Marriage counselling.

Kate Reid female clinician




Shannyn Stevens female clinician




Sheila Larocque female clinician


RP (Qualifying)


Lolita Schmalenberg female therapist Kitchener Waterloo




Mary Katherine Lowes female therapist Kitchener Waterloo Oakville Milton




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