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Serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Milton, Oakville, London, and the surrounding areas, Anchoridge Counselling wants to provide you with solutions for a variety of men’s issues.


“Boys don’t cry”, “Suck it up, be a man” or “man-up”. These are all statements that are too commonly used in our day-to-day perpetrating the “Macho Man”. Society’s traditional expectations, socialization and mainstream media send messages for men to be confident, strong, autonomous and dominant.

Man on rock at a waterfall with his arms up representing the weight lifted when going to therapy for men's issues in London Ontario

Historically, men were defined as warriors responsible for providing  and protecting

their families and communities. They were also the sole bread winner in their family. 

These expectations limited men as far as  emotions are concerned. Expressing

feelings was seen as a sign of  weakness or not being considered “masculine”.

Men are struggling as to how to thrive in the world today. The beliefs  and demands

of our new modern society result in increasing stress  levels and struggles with

self-worth. It is harder than ever for men to  fulfill traditional roles, as being the

sole bread winner is unrealistic  is today’s society

Although the stereotype is increasingly being challenged, there is still a perception

that men should be strong and unemotional. These expectations can put a lot of

pressure on men, but again they are expected to just “deal with it”. Bearing the

emotional pain seems a better idea than opening up themselves to the

stigma of seeking therapy.

Men’s issues don’t necessarily refer to issues exclusively to men, but rather, discussing issues that are prevalent amongst men who seek out help with their mental health. There is no denying that these issues manifest different in men than women, resulting in many going completely ignored and untreated. Men often perceive asking for help as shameful, or a sign of weakness.

Therapy for men’s issues is designed to be a safe space for men to express their problems and emotions. Some of the common topics men experience where they reach out for extra support include:

Men on Beach in the water with words in front talking about men's issues and therapy for men in London Ontario


Anger and Aggression

Addiction (including substance, porn, gambling or internet)

Depression and Anxiety

Intimacy and Affection

Relationship and Communication Issues

Work Adjustment Issues

Self Esteem

Unhealthy Coping

Life Transitions


So how do I access support for my mental health?


At Anchoridge, we understand that it takes courage to reach out and seek counselling. Our team of therapist’s job is to help you build awareness and understanding for the underlying influences of your presenting problem so you can explore the reasons why and effectively manage and cope with your struggles. They will
assess each person individually and determine what time of customized treatment is best for the needs of each person. We use psychotherapy 
methods such as:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Mindfulness-Based Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Narrative Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

It is common for men to be hesitant toward seeking therapy. However, with the rapidly changing dynamics in society, it has become increasingly apparent that men can benefit from having a professional and confidential space to work through thoughts, emotions, and previous experiences. There is no stigma in seeking help, only relief from the burden you might be carrying alone.


Our therapists create an environment where men are not shunned for being vulnerable, but instead encouraged to openly share their vulnerabilities and feel empowered. Seeking help requires a tremendous amount of strength and courage. Let us provide you with a safe space to be vulnerable and work through any sort of psychological or emotional difficulties to create a positive effect on relationships, work and home life.


Here are links to a few of our clinicians who specialize in counselling around Men's Issues.

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