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Serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Milton, Oakville, London, and the surrounding areas, Anchoridge Counselling wants to help you with anger management.

Why do we get angry?

When we are brought up being told that "big boys don't cry" or that it's not okay to be "weak", we can suppress valid emotions, and they may bubble to the surface as anger instead, which may feel more socially acceptable.

You may feel out of control during an angry outburst, then shameful after, as if you don't even recognize yourself. Then having to repair the damage that was done, when you said things you didn't necessarily mean.


Anger can be toxic to relationships and keep you from developing intimacy and closer connections with your loved ones.

However, anger isn't all bad. When we learn to recognize anger, and embrace all of our emotions, rather than hiding or suppressing them, anger, like any other emotion, can give us clues to better understand ourselves on our journey to healing.


Often there is a deeper emotion under anger. For example, someone doesn't call you back and you get angry. Digging deeper and getting curious, "Why am I angry about this?", you may find that instead you actually feel hurt, sad, or rejected. Which are all valid emotions.


Counselling helps you work through these situations and be better able to recognize and name emotions, and move through them in healthy ways, so they don't result in outbursts of anger, potentially harming relationships and having other negative consequences on your life.

If you're looking to better manage your emotions, including anger, we are here to help.

Anger Management Counselling

At Anchoridge Counselling, our dedicated team of therapists will evaluate each person individually to determine what type of treatment is best. Treatment is customized to fit the specific needs of each person. We use psychotherapy methods such as:
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

Solution-Focused Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) help you explore the root triggers of your anger and start your healing process.

We don't just talk about the underlying issues but develop tools and resources to change your way of thinking., reverse unhealthy behaviours, and promote healthier patterns of living, all without judgement.

You are worthy of help, no matter how trivial you may perceive your problems to be. There is no shame in reaching out - you are far from alone and many individuals are working towards their ideal outcome.


Here are links to a few of our clinicians who specialize in Anger Management counselling.









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