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What Anchors You?

Updated: May 24, 2023

Anchoridge Counselling - ship with anchor below

Let’s face it, life can be really tough sometimes. Especially over the past year there has been additional amounts of uncertainty, challenges, and obstacles that each and everyone of us have had to face. But amongst all the hardships and storms that come our way, we are still able to find ways to be empowered, encouraged, and to persevere. And a part of this resiliency that we find within ourselves, has to do with the inner strengths that each of us possesses. These inner strengths that we have developed can help us to understand, reflect, and overcome even the hardest of times. So when considering what has helped me to face the uncertainty that life continues to present, I often find it helpful to reflect back on what anchors me, and what gives me strength to continue.

As an Art Therapist, I am constantly looking at how stories and ideas can be expressed in a visual and creative way. And oftentimes this goes hand-in-hand with using metaphors or symbols to represent these thoughts and feelings. I believe that by using the power of imagery this can help us to reflect and observe aspects we had not considered, or even explore alternative versions of a story that we have been telling ourselves.

So I am going to invite you to explore, play, and get creative with me! I’d like to start off by inviting you to consider the following questions:

  • What does an anchor do?

  • What does an anchor symbolize or mean to you?

  • And finally, what anchors you? Where do you get your strength from?

After reflecting on these questions, I encourage you to grab whatever art materials you have handy and get creative! How would you creatively represent your anchor and what anchors you?

Thanks for reading


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