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Couples Counselling - What To Expect

Updated: Apr 11

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Relationships are hard! Sometimes getting an outside, non-judgmental perspective on your  relationship challenges can be helpful in building your connection with your partner. 

Before Starting Couples Counselling - Are You Both Ready?

It is crucial to the success of your counselling journey that both parties are willing and comfortable with starting their counselling journey. If one partner is convinced to start couples counselling and isn’t really committed to their journey, it can be really difficult to achieve results. Make sure you have a conversation with your partner prior to reaching out to book counselling to make sure this is something that you both want and are willing to commit to. 

The Counselling Process: What to Expect

The counselling process can look different for every couple but typically you would meet with your clinician as a couple for your first session. In this session the clinician might try to get to know you a little better and understand the reason behind seeking counselling as well as your therapeutic goals. They may ask you to share the story of how you met, or what you initially drew you to the other person. This can help remind you of the things you love about each other.

Throughout the session the clinician will take turns asking each partner their thoughts and feelings on particular matters, in a respectful way, in order to get more insight into each persons perspective and typical ways of reacting to different types of situations, as well as ways of relating to others.

The clinician will be a non-judgemental sounding board and third perspective; they do not "take sides", but rather, show an active interest in hearing both partners concerns and perspectives.

After your first session, your clinician will recommend that each partner books in an individual session where each partner can speak freely about what is going on. This allows the clinician to build their relationship with each individual and to get to know them a little better. 

After you have both had individual sessions with the clinician you will come back together in your next session and continue to explore the presenting issues or concerns. The clinician may recommend individual sessions as needed throughout this process but typically after the first individual session, both members of the couple will come together for sessions. 

Benefits Of Couples Counselling

There are several benefits to couples counselling even for those that aren’t presently struggling with anything in particular. These benefits include building better communication skills, getting an unbiased opinion, learning conflict resolution and gaining or restoring trust as well as building deeper intimacy. Part of this process involves working through and letting go of concerns from the past. The skills gained through couples counselling can help you build the proper foundation for a strong and healthy relationship.

We are here to support you through your counselling journey and to help you strengthen your relationship with your partner by providing you with the tools and skills needed to overcome any challenges that come your way. 

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