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Embracing Your "Queerness" - 3 Affirmations For Queer Folks

Updated: Apr 11

Queer friends supporting each other

3 Affirmations for Queer Folks 

In a world where queer folks can often hear damaging and negative messages about who they are, it is important to hear and remember positive messaging that can help build us up. There are so many wonderful elements of being queer, and as I’ll mention again throughout the article, your queerness is beautiful - even in the face of negative messages. 

We want to help you remember all the things that make you so wonderfully and uniquely you. Below are three positive affirmations for queer folks, reminding you that you are valid in your queer identity, and that your queerness is beautiful. 

Your Queerness Doesn’t Have To Make Sense To Everyone 

If you find yourself feeling as though you don’t fit neatly into one specific label, your queerness is still valid! Labels can be a great tool for people to explain a part of themselves and their experience to others quickly. However, with that being said, if you don’t fit neatly into one category, that is okay! Labels work for us - we don’t have to work to fit into a label. The labels created by society are not a determining factor of who we are and our place in the world.

The Pride Flag’s rainbow represents a spectrum of light when light shines through a prism. Rainbows in the sky don’t have rigid colours with clear ends and beginning. Instead, they are a beautiful spectrum of vibrant light and colour, just like the queer community, we exist on a spectrum. If your queerness doesn’t make sense to everyone, if you are still figuring yourself out, or if you don’t fit neatly into a category, you are still valid. Just remember, like a rainbow is beautiful….so are you.

You Are Valid In Your Queer Identity

Your queer identity is still valid even if you are privately identifying as an individual on the 2SLGBTQIA+ spectrum. Many individuals are private about their queer identity for various reasons such as fear of rejection, and safety. Even if you have people around you invalidating your queerness or brushing it off as “just a phase” that will eventually pass, know that your queer identity is valid.

In the face of negative and invalidating messages about queer identity, it can be easy to internalize harmful ideas. When we are constantly being told our lives are not valid, it can start to have an impact on our confidence and our sense of worth. We are here to tell you that you are worthy of everything and anything. Your identity does not make you any less important or valid.

Your queerness is good! 

There are so many messages out there that could cause queer folks to feel shame about themselves - I know I’ve heard my fair share! Let me remind you that your queerness makes you unique. Just by existing, you are challenging rigid and harmful norms, no matter where you are on the spectrum. 

For example, non-binary folks challenge norms that the gender you were assigned at birth determines characteristics about you and how you should fit into society! Secondly, queer folks have a long legacy of building up their communities and creating chosen families in the face of rejection. Lastly, existing authentically as yourself can invite others to do the same - whether or not they are queer! Your queerness is not wrong, shameful, or bad. Your queerness is beautiful. 

Concluding Thoughts

Navigating the way the world responds to queerness can take a toll on your mental health. Whether you are navigating your coming out, life changes in the wake of coming out, discrimination, social pressures, or gender dysphoria, these factors can take a toll on your mental wellbeing.

Here at Anchoridge Counselling Services, we have several counsellors who specialize in supporting individuals part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and the unique hardships that come along with it. Additionally, all of our admins and clinicians are here to support you and make you feel welcomed and safe. We are a safe, judgment free, and inclusive environment who will always accept you for who you are!

Regardless of where you exist on the spectrum, and regardless of whether or not you have invited your whole community, a few select friends, or even just yourself into knowing you fully, you are beautiful, you are valid, and your queerness is a part of what makes you so wonderfully you! 

To read more about counselling for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks at Anchoridge, please visit our 2SLGBTQIA+ Therapy webpage. If you have more questions or are looking to get matched with one of our clinicians for support please give us a call or book an appointment online!

We are always here to support you and will do everything we can to provide you with a safe environment to find yourself, all while supporting you in ensuring you are loving yourself.

If you're seeking support, click below to book your intake session below to get matched with a therapist and start your mental wellness journey today!

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